He’s dubbed “the million-dollar guy.” Jason Calacanis recently announced on his blog that he is on pace to make a million dollars through Google AdSense in the next year.

And if that figure doesn’t jolt you awake and have you on the edge of your seat, remember that he achieved this level in less than a year. His firm first used AdSense in September 2004.

Calacanis is the founder and CEO of Weblogs Inc., a network devoted to creating trade weblogs in various specialty businesses. And he’s swiftly shown that AdSense is a trustworthy advertising partner.

Their AdSense income has increased as their network has expanded. They earned an average of $580 each day in January 2005. It was $737 in March. It was $1,585 in May. They made $2,335 one day in July before he posted the blog piece mentioned above. Keep in mind that it is just for one day. If they can increase that daily average to $2,740, they’ll generate $1 million each year. And Calacanis believes that making $3,000 or $5,000 each day is a reasonable goal.

That is quite an accomplishment. Keep in mind that Calacanis employs 103 bloggers and nine staff members. Nonetheless, many developer’s would give an arm and a leg for even a third of that.

Can You Use Google AdSense?

Google AdSense has been a game-changer. It has established itself as the industry darling of internet advertising. Despite speculations of big rivals launching a comparable service, AdSense’s top spot seems to be safe for the time being.

In essence, AdSense has enabled nearly anybody with a website or blog to generate cash from advertising without the need for salespeople or the waste of time hunting for sponsors.

How It Works

This is how AdSense works. Web administrators create an account in only a few minutes. They are given a little bit of code to put on their websites. Google will then automatically offer to advertise related to the content on the developer’s sites. When someone visits the developer’s site and clicks on one of Google’s AdSense advertising, the webmaster gets a fee. Advertisers may pay anything from five cents to one hundred dollars every click, and the developer earns a share of that price.

Many web admins are comfortable earning $5 to $10 per day from AdSense to pay the cost of site hosting. However, many people, predictably, have loftier goals. Participants in a popular Webmaster World forum provide advice and encouragement on accomplishing a daily AdSense revenue target of $300. So it’s no surprise that Calacanis caused quite a stir when he published his million-dollar blog piece.

Google has shown over again that it excels at creating new Internet services. If you work in the online sector and haven’t utilized AdSense yet, you should. Or, if you’re already using it, maybe Calacanis’ remarkable results will inspire you to monitor the success of your AdSense units thoroughly, fine-tune their placements and formats, and boost your profits to new heights.




Google AdSense - you can always do more than you think

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You can always do more than you think you can.

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