I read blogs to discover what I liked and hated. Some things attract bloggers, while others prevent them from making money blogging.

I’ve compiled a list of 13 recommendations to assist you in making money blogging. The majority of them are basic yet effective in making your blog more user-friendly.

13 Tips To Making Money Blogging

1. Keep your blog basic  

With all of the bells and whistles available, too many individuals strive to see how perfect their blogs can be. They may be appealing, but unless your objective is to win a competition for the finest website, stunning consumers with glitter will not result in sales or making money blogging.

2. Make sure your site loads fast

You don’t have much time to pique your customer’s interests. Please make sure that you have a reasonable chance of capturing his attention. If your blog takes too long to load, you will lose a lot of prospective clients who will abandon your site before it ever has a chance.

3. Don’t put too much on your blog

Avoid cramming too much content into a single page if you don’t want to confuse your visitors. You should ensure that they understand the goal of your blog. Some people may find it difficult to read since many things are on one page. Don’t take the risk. Make all of your pages as essential as possible.

4. Ensure that every page links back to the main page 

It makes navigation much simpler for your visitors if all of your pages connect back to the home page. If you make your website easy to use, you will lose fewer prospective clients.

5. Get your domain name 

Free servers are fantastic for several things, but building credibility in the company is not one. Getting your domain is definitely worth the money.

6. Ensure that your hosting provider provides complete support 

You want your service to have CGI access and secure ordering. This is not a place to travel on a budget. Before picking a service, be sure it has the features you want. This will help you save a large amount of time and trouble later.

7. Present as many ordering alternatives as possible 

The more options you provide for orders, the fewer customers you will lose. You should have a secure purchase form. Offering the opportunity to purchase via phone, fax, or traditional mail may help improve the number of people who order.

8. Make sure you receive credit cards 

If you don’t accept credit cards, you’re making a significant error. If this option is accessible, the vast majority of your consumers will pay in this manner. Don’t take the risk that they’ll use another way if credit cards aren’t an option.

9. Provide free information on your site 

You should provide some free content on your site. Free materials, such as courses, are an excellent approach to establishing oneself as an expert in the eyes of your visitors. Another great item to provide is free e-books. Make sure that the freebies offer helpful information for your visitors.

10. Collect your visitor’s email address 

You may do this in various ways. Giving out courses or e-books is a terrific way to get started. You may publish a newsletter or e-book that visitors can subscribe to on your website.

11. Build your blog with a goal in mind 

If you want to sell a product on your blog, sell that thing. If you’re only aiming to collect addresses and subsequently make a transaction, make that your goal while designing your blog.

12. Encourage feedback 

Make your guest feel as if their viewpoint is valued. Allow him to offer input. Don’t be too proud to make modifications if you start hearing some of the same things from your guests.

13. Build it for your consumers 

Keep in mind that you created this blog for your consumers, not yourself. Keep your blog’s aim in mind and you will start making money blogging. Keep your customers’ demands and requirements in mind while you make them.

Making money blogging is one of the factors that will influence your marketing success. Make your blog user-friendly. Also, don’t lose sight of your blog’s goal. If your blog does not seem straightforward to your visitor, you will lose many visitors before you can even make a pitch.

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