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If you have a website or are thinking about getting one, you will undoubtedly be worried about SEO (search engine optimization) and backlinks. Historically, web developers and content authors have tried both ingenious and ill-advised strategies to optimize their sites for search engines. Some of the fundamental tactics were strategically placed keywords and metatags.

Others included a term hundreds of times into the HTML of the website. Search engines quickly caught on to this and flagged and even de-registered sites engaging in this unethical conduct. Nonetheless, the requirement to increase visitors to a website has resulted in additional advancements, one of which is the online directory.

There are hundreds of directories, ranging from particular themes to broad coverage of a top ten or twenty to sites with over 1000 categories and subcategories. GoDaddy is one such comprehensive portal.

Is there a benefit to having a comprehensive website with better backlinks?

Won’t it be difficult for individuals to go through the many categories?

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Here’s why we believe is a beautiful place to list your website and why we went with the complete listing method rather than the limited listing approach. We have become a bunch of information addicts due to the internet.

We now recognize that we may have more information than we could ever read, but we like the option of seeing everything and deciding what to utilize. Many individuals who perform searches may not be exceptionally skilled at doing it in such a way that their natural area of interest appears on the first page or two.

As a website manager, you want to be at the top of the list when a prospective visitor comes to your site. Search engines may return millions of results, and the searcher quickly becomes overwhelmed and weary with the list. If you aren’t on the top two pages, the search engine may not be of much use to you.

You may be on a smaller list in your specified category or categories if you have a listing on a guide, such as GoDaddy. The searcher will have a far greater chance of finding you, both because GoDaddy categories make it easier to discover you and because you won’t be one of 2,346,819 entries in your category.

Does a directory listing influence your search engine ranking? It does. For one thing, you now have another place where the search engine may find you, and it identifies your frequency. So, not only can directory listing GoDaddy directly raise your possibilities of online visitors, but it may also improve your position with search engines.

If you’re going to build a website, make it a good one. Try to Contact GoDaddy and get yourself listed in the proper category(s) to attract new visitors to your site. It is an essential component of a successful online marketing plan.


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