“You’re not earning enough money online Because WHAT’S HOT in internet

marketing changes every month, and you don’t have the Time,

The Research, Or Patience to keep ‘Googling’ for advice…”

Anyway, how would you know which piece of advice is the most effective?

Hello, Internet Marketer.

If you’re reading this, you already know it’s true.

If you’re a dedicated Internet Marketer, you understand the importance of time.

Everyone understands that time equals money and that free time is precious.

To be productive (without being online 24/7), you must remain up to date with current and future trends and developments in the internet marketing field; otherwise, you will have no idea how to create and maintain a regular income.

Every new technique you fail to implement results in a lost sale… it’s that simple.

In this fast-paced environment, you’ll fall behind.

On that topic, if you want to earn money worth talking about, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not, without having to spend all day studying and figuring it out yourself, like you used to have to.

Why am I tired of you using this Internet Marketing strategy?

Because that is such an antiquated technique in these current times!

You are deserving of better!

Any information you get should be more timely, more accessible, and of the highest quality. No more fumbling around for ideas, appropriate tools, or templates (or process models) to employ, just to be dissatisfied.

In the beginning, before I knew this stuff, I signed up for fifty different things since I didn’t know where I could get everything in one spot. I was really taken aback.

I wanted to tackle this jumbled and disorganized time-waster as soon as possible.


The Solution Had To Be This: A Single Location Where You Could

Access All Of The Best Hacks, Tips, And Updates As They Happen
But sent directly to you.

That’s right, to you… without you having to search for it for hours.


You see, by the time you have mastered one area of Internet Marketing, a new answer will have been developed, and you’ll have to begin again. No way, that’s insane. You’d never get caught up. I was well aware of this reality, and how it was substantially slowing your progress.

So I had an “Aha!” moment…

What if I recruited real-life experts to keep me up to speed and assist me in putting up a newsletter where they could provide me with real-time advice on a regular basis?


And what if I let you sign up for my newsletter so that when my team of experts and I find the latest buzz, we can tell you right away?

That means no more time-consuming physical effort.


Manual work should not be discouraged, but it is time-consuming and prone to trial and error. There will be a better method to do it by the time you figure it out, and you will not be informed.


How can you go hunting for something you’ve never heard of?

I know many of you want to do everything for yourselves and take your time doing it; I appreciate you. That was me when I first started out, full of optimism and drive. But I became tired of working in the business instead of on the company, and the money stopped coming in.

I was the research person, the development guy, the website guy, the one who made errors and then had to repair them, and the guy who was continuously reading and writing. It becomes boring after a time, particularly when you want to move on to a new project but are exhausted from trying to get the previous one perfect.

Doing it alone is quite discouraging. Whether you want to advertise your website, improve traffic, build new goods, leverage social media, learn what works effectively, or create better campaigns…


You must be honest with yourself:


Attempting to achieve everything flawless on your own, with no shortcuts or great guidance or resources, is pointless and exhausting. You’ll go through so much trial and error, you’ll have to study and cross-examine the information and advice you do try to follow, and in the meantime…


I knew I could permanently address this issue for you…

Why Should You Be Tired of Manual Internet Marketing?

It’s exhausting to figure out who’s who in Internet Marketing and what to do, when, where, and how. Manual research is a thing of the past – all you need is a team of specialists working for you who will bring all of those constantly changing bits of advice directly to you, rather than you looking for them!


Looking for assistance on your own… It’s exhausting, boring, and you’re not sure whether what you’re looking for is professional advice or some random individual attempting to drive attention to their site. You definitely don’t have the patience to find out either… in fact, this entire saga would put anybody off generating money online.


The issue is that if you don’t do your homework and don’t know what’s going on online or what the experts are doing, you’ll make a lot of errors, have difficulties, and waste a lot of time.


I want you to be able to earn money online like I have.


So I just decided to try something new—I’d provide a shortcut.

There wasn’t much like it online, and if there was, it wasn’t very useful to you as a company owner. That was aggravating.


As an Internet Marketer, I was weary of hearing from my poor customers about how they were tired of joining up to Internet Marketing forums, which changed often anyhow, and even more tired of trying to find the newest or hottest IM subjects and tactics.


They wanted to remain trendy in order to compete.

And rightfully so, since you can’t be an excellent salesperson or marketer until you first know what’s going on! You’re not psychic, and it’s not fair to expect yourself to be.


was really inconvenient that there was nothing of genuine interest to people online to which they could subscribe—anything that would keep them up to date on every area of internet marketing, from optimal blogging to video production to social media. Whatever was flourishing and profitable.


Furthermore, how might I help them? They deserved some free templates and papers (made by superstar copywriters to save time) that they could modify so they wouldn’t have to produce everything from scratch and waste their whole week doing it poorly or paying someone else to do it wrong.

There has to be another option.


So I conducted a little research.


I researched the most successful entrepreneurs (the “bedroom to yacht” people) to discover how they got to the top producing money online as quickly as they claim.

It turns out that they were considerably more successful than the rest of us online because of this little secret:


“I Discovered That The Richest Internet Marketers On The Planet Worked Smarter, Not Harder.” They made whatever they needed available to them…”

This method worked for worldwide billionaire Henry Ford as well.


He never, ever did everything himself.


He had a “man” for everything that he was always tied to…


  • Research – he had someone for that
  • Development – he had someone for that
  • Market Analysis – he had someone for that
  • Emergencies – he had someone for that
  • The most recent worldwide news, flops, and trends—you get the idea…

In reality, what he did to become so wealthy is the same thing you will do; only quicker – and online, producing money while you sleep.


The solution you seek is now available online and set to take the Internet Marketing world by storm…


You’ll Receive The Only Monthly Newsletter (Culled From The Most Prolific & Constantly Updated Expert Advice Available) That Reports Back To You Like Your OWN Business Advisor.

I’m strongly involved in research and proof because I believe it’s critical for anybody who wants to earn genuine money in a market that is always changing.


Most of us do not have the funds to hire professionals to cover every element of Internet Marketing, particularly those who will be correct every time as the year progresses and new trends and methods become accessible or new technologies are published.


So I thought to myself, it’s time to start an online newsletter:

  • Written by me and selected experts/partners in their respective Internet marketing industries;
  • provided to your mailbox on a monthly basis so you never miss a market tip, software, or update
  • Was inexpensive and included just premium material, guidance, and free (useful) extras that you could utilize to market significantly more effectively than you had before.
  • Included Internet Marketing tips covering EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL – from social media to YouTube to content production and affiliate marketing
  • Was a highly converting, reviewed, and appreciated newsletter that people repeatedly praised
  • Was quite beneficial, instructive, and full of value for you and your internet company or website knew all there was to know about the market
  • Always spoke the truth as it happened
  • NEVER EVER used in a magazine or news article
  • Was expertly produced in simple PDF format, more like a genuine glossy magazine, rather than a normal ‘unloved’ email.

We investigate what works and what converts and report back to you — How much easier could it possibly be?

It’s simply me taking the labor out of Internet Marketing so you don’t have to go through all of the trial and error that I went through all those years ago.

So, with that in mind, allow me to introduce you to the topics and features you can anticipate in each month’s edition of your VIP newsletter:

YouTube: Easy secret tips for creating insanely simple videos that drive attention and revenue to your website on autopilot


Blogging: How to get your visitors hooked on your material from the first time they arrive.


Conversions: How to Guaranteedly Quadruple Your Sales Conversions Profit four times as much from the SAME traffic… all inside.


Outsourcing is the secret to generating millions of dollars, yet most marketers do it completely wrong. I’ll show you how to leverage outsourcing to generate your first five, six, and ultimately seven-figure revenues.


JVs: Confused about successful joint ventures? Do you think you don’t have anything to offer? Guess one more! Here are over 20 ways to form joint ventures with nearly anybody.


Offliners: Do you find rejection difficult? Here are five basic things you can provide that will have genuine companies begging you for them.


Persuasion: Top 20 strategies for swiftly and effortlessly converting prospects into consumers utilizing expert hypnotists’ Jedi mind tricks. (Without these psychological tricks, your prospects have no chance!)

Fiverr: Earn $500 or more a week performing simple tasks that need little to no expertise.


Facebook: How to Make a Fortune on Facebook With Only $50 and No Experience


Free Marketing Tips: How to stand out from every other offline marketer and show your customers how to generate MUCH MORE money without spending a thing on advertising! Remember, these suggestions are regularly updated, so they alter in real time with the market.


Niches: 50 positions simply asking to be filled. We’re talking about little competition and large profit margins.


Listbuilding: How to continuously develop a list of eager spenders without ever selling a single thing (essential!).


Webinars: The step-by-step approach that anybody can use to hold profitable webinars – even if you don’t have anything to offer and despise public speaking!


Podcasting: How to make your podcast stand out from the crowd. With these 25 little-known tactics, you can design yours to become a never-ending money producer.




You receive the freshest HOT RESOURCES and most current ideas all relevant to Internet Marketing, so nothing goes to waste!

Subscribe now and you’ll also get the following super-exclusive bonuses:

Everything for FREE each month.
You will get immediate access to the current issue as well as the ‘ready-to-go’ Bonuses!

    Everything that is preventing you from earning a living from home is obvious:

    • You don’t know what the market is doing;
    • You don’t have access to REAL LIFE EXPERTS in the area
    • You don’t have time to do product research.

    In reality, as I previously said, the top marketers aren’t interested in working harder, but rather in working smarter.


    They have access to the highest quality information, counsel, and tools… guaranteeing that it is frequently updated, current, selling, and ready to go.

    Starting again is both impractical and time intensive.


    And if you don’t get a lot out of your subscription, you can keep your money.


    That’s how certain I am that you will find tremendous value in our partnership. I will happily return your money in full.


    All you have to do is give it a go with no risk.


    So, my only question now is, have you signed up yet?

    Yours in smart business,


    Sebastian Cole