“How to Use Email Marketing’s Proven Power

to Reach More People, Do More Business,

and Make More Money…”

Building a large, responsive, and lucrative list is easy when you know these

tried-and-true tactics, tricks, insights, and strategies..

Some argue that email marketing is no longer relevant.

And I’m here to tell you that they’re mistaken.

Completely incorrect.

Email marketing may have gone out of favor with certain people when newer, shinier technology and channels, such as social media, emerged.

However, when it comes to pure profitability, email marketing continues to outperform social media…

IF you know how to grow and promote to your list correctly. (The vast majority do not.)

I know this because I’ve been doing internet marketing for a long time and have tried every platform, tool, and approach imaginable. However, email consistently deposits the most money into my bank account.

Every time I send an email, I earn money.

You can guarantee that I’m not going to give up my list anytime soon!

In reality, there’s no denying that email marketing is still the most effective and lucrative approach to contact your target demographic. Here’s why…

Here are four strong reasons why email marketing is one of the

most successful methods of business growth:

#1: You are the sole owner of your list.

Nobody can take your list away from you after you’ve created it. Even if you change email service providers, you can take your list with you.

In comparison, consider Facebook, where a single regulation change might result in the loss of your whole network without warning. To say the least, it hurt.


#2: You have the ability to contact your prospects and clients at any moment.

Many individuals activate email push alerts on their phones, which means you may contact their prospect at any moment. It’s an excellent approach to connect with your target audience and produce revenue.


#3 There are fewer distractions.

When someone checks their email, there is just one thing they can do once inside their inbox: read email. They may even read your email FIRST if you create an interesting subject line.

In comparison, social media is a carnival of adverts, games, photos, movies, and whatever else to distract consumers. It’s difficult to catch your prospect’s attention when the whole site appears to be begging for it!


#4: Email marketing is a very profitable business.

Your prospects joined your list voluntarily and excitedly because they WANT to read your emails. They are interested in your product recommendations. They want to purchase from you because they have faith in you.


Consider this: a single email might put hundreds or even thousands of cash in your pocket! (And that number climbs as your list expands.)


All of these advantages seem fairly fantastic, don’t they?

The catch is that you must know the RIGHT approach to establish, expand, and market to your email list. You need to receive your tactics from someone who has been doing this for 20 years and knows what works now, in 2020.

And you’ll receive precisely that when you download my collection of 20 email marketing tutorials.


The Ultimate Email Marketing Playbook - Cover

The Ultimate Email Marketing Playbook“: How to Reach More People and Do More Business” is a set of 12 guides that will educate you on precisely what is working currently to build and expand a profitable mailing list.

Please remember that these are not comprehensive lessons or step-by-step guides. Instead, each book provides you with a compilation of 12 to 17 of the greatest suggestions, ideas, insights, examples, templates, checklists, and methods for creating your own successful list.

These are the gold nuggets and “ah ha!” moments that will assist you in creating the list you’ve always desired.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what each of these 12 guidelines has to offer. Here’s what you receive…

Guide 1: The Campaign Strategy Guide

17 Strategies for Creating a Profitable Promotional Calendar

One of the major differences between average list builders and those with really successful lists is that the super stars lay out their promotional schedule in advance. If you want to learn what these list-building gurus know about profit planning, you should start with this tutorial!


Guide 2: The Subscriber Guide

17 Best Practices for Building Your List Every Day

Building a large, responsive list necessitates the following steps:

• Producing high-demand lead magnets.
• Creating an enticing lead page.
• directing targeted traffic to the landing page
• Sending out high-quality emails that foster connections and drive revenue.

That is the focus of this article, in which you will learn about 17 of my best practices, techniques, and insights for growing your list!


Guide 3: The Ideation Guide

17 Places to Find Inspiration and Ideas for Writing (That Your Subscribers Will Respond To)

Every newsletter publisher has a day when they question themselves, “Now what should I write about?”

No worries – once you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll know how to develop a seemingly limitless stream of ideas, as well as how to identify themes that your readers will undoubtedly like!


Guide 4: The Guide to Open Rates

17 Ideas for Ensuring Subscribers Read Your Email When They Check Theirs

Your newsletter’s open rate may make or break its performance. Anyone who doesn’t open your emails isn’t interested in what you have to offer. That is why you must enhance your open rate by utilizing the 17 insights contained within this book!


Guide 5: The Attention Guide

17 Ways To Create Subject Lines That Stand Out In The Inbox

The first line of your email is one of its most critical components. Even the most stunning newsletter you’ve ever designed will not be read if it doesn’t capture your subject’s interest and convince them to open your email. How do you write subject lines that get people to click? That’s what you’ll learn in this tutorial!


Guide 6: Message Crafting

17 Essential Elements of Effective Email Copywriting

You must keep your reader’s interest after you get it. Otherwise, your readers will unsubscribe from your email before reaching the end, reading your call to action, or clicking on your links.

That is the focus of this tutorial, in which you will learn the 17 basic parts of great email copywriting. These strategies work together to help you generate an email that your readers will read all the way through!


Guide 7: The Clicks Guide

17 Things You Can Do Encourage people to leave their inboxes and visit your website.

The ultimate purpose of almost every email you send is to obtain a click. This might be a link to a sales website, a webinar registration page, one of your social media platforms, a partner’s page, or anything else. But, in the end, you want your subscribers to click a link and purchase a product.

How can you increase your CTR (clickthrough rate) to create those profitable sales? That’s what you’ll learn in this tutorial!


Guide 8: The Segmentation Handbook

17 Strategies, Ideas, Case Studies, and Insights for Delivering the Right Message to the Right Audience

Segmentation is essential for developing content that truly resonates with your target audience. As a result, all of the important metrics improve: your open rate, retention rate, clicks, and revenues!

So, what exactly is segmentation, and how can you use it to increase YOUR profit margins? That’s what you’ll learn in this tutorial!


Guide 9: The Follow-Up Guide

17 Suggestions For Your Own Sales that are set and forget

Setting up an autoresponder that makes profits for you 24/7, even if you’re asleep, on vacation, or doing anything else fun away from your laptop, is the online dream.

It is entirely feasible. Also included in this book are some of my best strategies for making follow-up marketing faster, simpler, and more successful!


Guide 10: The Reader Loyalty Handbook

17 Email Marketing Strategies to Make People Love You and Your Business

Reader loyalty is the deciding factor in whether or not your email list will be successful. You will have increased conversion rates, clicks, and purchases if you have devoted readers who trust you. Furthermore, dedicated readers will assist you in other ways, such as sending their friends to help your list expand even further.

The question is, how can you make people fall in love with you and your company merely by sending them emails? Here, you’ll learn just how to do it!


Guide 11: The Deliverability Checklist

17 Things You Should Do Before Sending (Or Your Email May Never Arrive)

Most marketers concentrate on writing emails that their target audience will want to read. Obviously, this is a critical component in developing a responsive, lucrative list.

But here’s another thing: you must ensure that your emails are delivered to their intended recipients. After all, if your emails aren’t delivered, no amount of smart authoring or connection development can help you produce sales.


Here are the 12 guides you need to complete before pressing the “send” button, so read on!


Guide 12: The Analytics 

17 Insights For Interpreting, Improving, And Increasing Your Results With Every Email You Send

You’re not finished once your email campaigns are up and going. It’s time for the crucial phase now: in order to get amazing results, you must optimize these ads. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this book, which includes 17 tips for evaluating and enhancing your email marketing outcomes!

The bottom line is that if you’re searching for the most comprehensive collection of email marketing tips, examples, insights, ideas, and strategies, then this is just what you need.

But you have one question…

What is the cost?

(Hint: it depends on your speed…)

You may expect to pay $10, $15, or more for any of these books, and you can sure they’d be well worth it. This is due to the fact that just ONE lucrative tip contained within each of these publications is worth more than the asking price. These are the kinds of recommendations that can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your bottom line (they did for me – picture what they can do for you)…

However, you do not have to spend $15 or more for each of these instructions. I’ve combined all 12 of them into a single collection for the bargain price of $97 — that’s only $8 per guide.

That’s a great deal. You and I both know it. If these instructions help you attract just ONE more prospect on your mailing list this year, Emailcome will more than pay for itself.

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