“Your Web Traffic Drives Your Entire Business – But Are You Getting Enough to Keep Sales, Customers, and Profits Rolling In Over Time?”

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Consider this…

It was the 1980s, and Air Canada Flight 143 was traveling at 41,000 feet. The 61 people on board had a usual flight experience: light discussion with seatmates, a drink, a snack, and maybe some in-flight entertainment.

Then the unimaginable occurred…

The plane’s gasoline ran out.

In the cabin, alarm bells rang. The first engine failed, followed by the second. The pilots hurried to examine their emergency checklists, but no information regarding landing without engine power was available.

Fortunately, one of the pilots could maneuver the plane to a landing strip using his glider knowledge. He could see the panic on the faces of two children riding their bikes in the plane’s expected crash zone, as they watched this enormous commercial aircraft silently coming down on them.

The jet miraculously landed with no injuries to passengers or anybody on the ground. However, a plane running out of fuel may have had a very different and tragic outcome. It might have gone downhill.


I tell you this because your business, too, requires gasoline or it will crash and burn.

This fuel is delivered in the form of tailored traffic.

Consider it…

You could have the most brilliant company concept in the world.

You may have the greatest items in your specialty, and people would line up around the block to buy them.

However, if no one ever knows about your company, you will not see any sales or profits.

To put it another way…

If your firm isn’t sustained by a consistent supply of focused visitors, it will fail…

It happens all the time. It’s no surprise that many companies fail during the first five years. Simply put, they lack sufficient fuel (a.k.a. traffic) to produce revenues.

If your company is just getting going, you’ll want to make sure you have enough high-quality visitors to start things off well.

Or perhaps you’ve been doing this for a while and are looking to up your game with more visitors and greater results.

In any case, here’s something you’re sure to like:



The Ultimate Web Traffic Playbook - Cover

The Ultimate Web Traffic Playbook” is a collection of 12 traffic and conversion guides packed of tips, methods, and strategies to help you:

• Improve your website traffic, no matter what you’re selling.
• Convert a greater proportion of this traffic into subscribers and paying customers.

Please keep in mind that these are not comprehensive lessons or step-by-step guides. Instead, each book is a compilation of 17 of the greatest suggestions, ideas, insights, examples, templates, checklists, and tactics for increasing traffic to your website.

These are the gold nuggets and “oh ha!” moments that will give you an advantage and provide the traffic statistics you’ve been hoping for.

With this goal in mind, let us examine the contents of each of these 12 guides in greater detail. What you get is this…

Guide 1: The Traffic Strategy Guide

17 Keys to Developing a Profitable, Effective Traffic Strategy

This series of guides has a plethora of ideas, methods, and strategies for driving a flood of high-quality visitors to your website. However, before you begin working on any specific traffic approach, you should first read this guide. This is because this guide shows you how to plan and improve your entire traffic strategy.

If you don’t plan, you plan to fail, as the saying goes. All of that can be avoided if you read this tutorial first.


Guide 2: The Social Media Marketing Handbook

17 Ways to Reach a Targeted, Engaged Audience

It’s no secret that your target audience – and your rivals – are on social media. That implies that if you’re not properly utilizing social media in your marketing campaigns, you’re likely wasting a lot of money.

This is why this article gives you 17 ways to attract and keep your social media audience’s attention.


Guide 3: Guest Blogging

17 Tips for Getting Your Content on the Best and Busiest Blogs in Your Niche

Guest blogging is a quick way to increase your site’s visibility to a certain audience. Because having your material on a prominent site is nearly like getting an endorsement from the site owner, this works really well.

The end result? Any traffic that clicks through is likely to be warm and receptive to your offerings.

That’s why you should read these 17 strategies for getting your material published on the greatest sites in your field (and making the most of every guest-blogging opportunity)!


Guide 4: The Joint Venture Marketing Handbook

17 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Using Other People’s Traffic

Another wonderful strategy to bring warm visitors, earn opt-ins or purchases, and position oneself as a trusted expert in a new sector is through joint venture marketing.

Imagine the outcomes when you recruit many joint venture partners using the tours, methods, and ideas contained inside this guide!


Guide 5: How to Start an Affiliate Program

17 Ways to Get More Affiliates and Have Your Affiliates Promote More Frequently

Some of the world’s largest firms (such as Amazon) developed exponentially after launching an affiliate program. This is because collecting traffic from other reliable marketers in the neighborhood is an excellent way to gain warm, cash-in-hand clientele.

How can you make your own affiliate program as effective as possible? That’s what you’ll learn in this tutorial!


Guide 6: The Blogging Handbook

17 Tips for Creating a Blog That Draws Targeted Traffic Like a Magnet

A blog may help you not only generate qualified traffic, but also create relationships with your prospects and customers. That is why you should utilize the 17 insights shared in this tutorial to develop, set up, and maintain your own successful, lucrative blog!


Guide 7: The Content Marketing Handbook

17 Strategies for Getting Your Content in Front of a Friendly Audience

Content marketing’s main goal is to get your best work in front of as many people as possible who are interested in your field. To that purpose, content marketing consists of two major steps:

1. Create content that your target audience wants to read.
2. Make this material as widely available as feasible.

The information in this playbook will teach you how to achieve both of these goals so that you can start receiving more high-quality visitors!


Guide 8: The Referral Traffic Handbook

17 Tips for Creating Viral Content That Spreads Like Wildfire in Your Niche

Some of the world’s largest corporations leveraged referral marketing to expand from a shaky start-up to a multibillion-dollar monster. PayPal, Drobox, Uber, and more firms are included.

Now, inside this book, you’ll find tips, tactics, and ideas for developing your own referral program so that satisfied clients may suggest their friends. You’ll also get lots of ideas for developing viral content that will spread like wildfire in your industry!


Guide 9: The SEO Traffic Handbook

17 Tips and Insights for Improving Your Google Visibility

One of the benefits of SEO (search engine optimization) is that it complements other content marketing tactics like blogging and social media marketing. It’s like pouring fuel on a fire — do it correctly, and your traffic will skyrocket! And this guide provides the tools and insights you need to begin achieving that level of search engine visibility!


Guide 10: The Paid Advertising Handbook

17 Tips for Creating Effective Paid Ads

A carefully focused sponsored advertisement may offer high-quality traffic in large quantities. As a result, paid advertising is an excellent area to test and track your commercials, products, sales letters, and other marketing materials. That’s why you should read this tutorial, which will teach you how to create and place high-converting advertising!


Guide 11: The Offline Marketing Handbook

17 “Old School” Strategies for Getting Your Marketing Message in Front of an Offline Audience

We will mostly concentrate on internet advertising and marketing tactics in our guides. However, there are other offline “old school” methods of marketing your business that are quite efficient. What are them, and which ones are the most effective today? That is exactly what you will discover within this tutorial!


Guide 12: The Conversion Optimization Handbook

17 Tips for Getting Better Results From Your Traffic Campaigns

What is the secret to successful advertising?

Simply said, you must test, measure, and optimize your ad and traffic campaigns to maximize conversions. That’s why you’ll learn how to develop better ads and how to test them to obtain the best reaction possible in this tutorial!

If you want to improve your traffic strategy and see better and more profitable results, then this guide is a must-have resource for anybody looking for the best online collection of tips, examples, insights, ideas and approaches.

But you have one question…

What is the cost?

(Hint: it depends on your speed…)

You may expect to pay $10, $15, or more for any of these books, and you can sure they’d be well worth it. This is due to the fact that just ONE lucrative tip contained within each of these publications is worth more than the asking price. These are the kinds of recommendations that can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your bottom line (they did for me – picture what they can do for you)…

However, you do not have to spend $15 or more for each of these instructions. I’ve combined all 12 of them into a single collection for the bargain price of $97 — that’s only $8 per guide.

That’s a great deal. You and I both know it. If these suggestions help you locate just ONE more client this year, Trafficome will more than pay for itself.

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