You need three things to run a successful internet marketing business:

1. Product 
2. Copywriting
3. Traffic

That’s all there is to it. If you have those three things… done correctly, you will have a successful and lucrative Internet company. Let’s discuss each of those three areas of expertise and how you may swiftly master them.

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You must have a product that people desire. Don’t fall in love with a product just because it’s cool. I’ll go into better depth in a coming blog, but two factors decide if a product is desired enough for me to sell it:

1. Are people looking for that product? 

2. Are your colleagues prepared to spend a significant sum of money for traffic to that search keyword since customers are purchasing? 

I add those two figures together. If the outcome is better than the outcome for the product “air weapons,” I’m willing to enter that market. Why the term “air guns”? It was just my first successful product. Can items with lower ratings than “air guns” be profitable? I’m sure they can, but so many other markets score better than “air weapons” that I’m not prepared to take a risk.

Don’t get too hooked up on the product, by the way. It is the smallest of the three objects. Copywriting and traffic are much more vital to your company. Spending two years designing a product is a waste of time. There are hundreds of items accessible on the Internet that you can promote as an affiliate and earn a commission. Choosing a product should take no more than 30 minutes, not two years. In less than 30 minutes, you can run the figures for 6-10 product concepts and make your selection. Then start focusing on what matters… which is…


You must now describe your product. You will do this in a variety of ways. You will develop a sales page on a website to explain and sell the goods. You will create short text adverts to be shown on PPC search engines. To join affiliate networks, you will produce comparable one and two-line descriptions. You will be writing articles as well as resource boxes for those articles. You may even create a signature line for use on message boards.

The idea is that copywriting is what transmits your product’s message. It’s only a few words. You can utilize images and movies occasionally, but it is usually the words that do the selling. Keep in mind that you are in the business of words.

How do you choose which words to use? If you are a newbie, you have three options:

1. Invest in a high-priced copywriter. A good copywriter should cost between $5,000 and $10,000 per sales page. Don’t pause to get in touch with me if you need recommendations. I’m trained with two of the finest.

2. Make use of copywriting tools that allows you to score terms. I prefer Glyphius, which can be found at It compares your potential ad text against a vast database of lucrative commercials. Create some copy and press the score button. Then modify it and re-click the score button. After you’ve worked with it for a bit, choose the text with the highest score. You’ll have content that the professionals will covet, but more crucially… copy that will convert that traffic into sales.

3. Fail for an extended period while learning. Please do not laugh. This is the course taken by the majority of Internet marketers. If you are stubborn enough, you will discover what works and what doesn’t.


Once you’ve written content that sells, you must get people to see it. On the Internet, this is best known as “traffic.”

On the Internet, there are many methods to gain traffic. Let me concentrate on two ways that I propose to novices since they are both free (yes, there is a tiny one-time investment to get started, but you do not pay for each visitor, as some other sources do).

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Get free visitors from search engines by ranking high for search phrases related to your product.

2. Article Submission – By writing and submitting articles, you may get exposure and connections to your website.

Let’s start with Search Engine Optimization. First and foremost, DO NOT squander weeks or months of your time listening to the SEO forums’ lemmings. They are, in my opinion, simply the blind guiding the blind. You should concentrate on three aspects of search engine optimization:

a) Your domain and URLs
b) On-page optimization
c) Links to your site

First, I propose that you use Nemeas to choose your domain and URL structure. has further information. It is effortless to use and is based on an extensive statistical study of the leading search engine. Rate potential domains and URLs and choose the one with the highest score.

Unless you’re establishing free content sites to drive visitors to your sales page, I don’t advocate doing any on-page SEO. Instead, optimize your sales page for Glyphius sales and ignore on-page search engine variables.

Article posting is an excellent way to obtain inbound links to your website. I strongly advise you to utilize Artemis Pro. More information may be found at Because it publishes a unique article to each publication, it provides you an advantage over any other presently accessible article submission service. Given the same period, such a rise may equate to an 1875 percent increase in efficacy.

After each post, provide a resource box with a link back to the site’s sales page. Glyphius should be used to optimize that resource box.

That’s all. It truly is that easy to run a successful and lucrative Internet company. It’s as simple as selecting the appropriate product, choosing the correct words for your copywriting, and selecting the best approach to drive visitors to your sales page.

Please return to my site,, regularly for further lessons on the easiness of Internet marketing. I’ll upload new classes there regularly. Every post on my site is divided into three categories: product, copywriting, and traffic. Choose one of the themes to learn more about that aspect of building a successful Internet company.

Best wishes for your success!




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