How to perfect the tone of your marketing materials

The process of researching and generating promotional marketing materials to attract the appropriate customers to your company includes this step, which is an important part of the process.


When I led this activity with the students in my previous marketing classes, we always had an engaging conversation that sparks sparked new ideas and left the participants feeling passionate, motivated, and even happy about participating in the market.


Because of their significance to a genuine strategy for marketing a small business, I have decided to place an emphasis on both the themes that we discuss and the fun that we have participating in this activity.


To begin, let’s make the reasonable assumption that there exists someplace in the world prospective customers or clients that are “absolutely ideal” for you and your business. (If you do not now get the impression that this is the case for you, you have additional work to do.)


It’s possible that you need additional training, some practice, or some coaching before you can attract customers that are “just right.” Alternately, you might be considering turning your pastime into a full-time occupation, just like I did when I started my own business.

Let’s say for the time being that you are working in the technical field and have the appropriate skills. Let’s also assume that you have these things. Second, let’s assume that “just right” customers are people who tremendously benefit from doing business with you in exactly the same manner in which you already perform yourself. In other words, “just right” customers are customers who are “just right” for your business. 


These are the customers who share enough of your values and principles for you to be able to immediately create respect, appreciation, and a beneficial relationship with each other. Keeping these two tenets in mind, and having the right marketing materials creates a very strong recipe for success.

The ability to respond is the key to releasing the hidden creative potential that lies inside you. After that, you will have a lot of time to reflect on the questions and figure out when and how you want to use the answers to share your gifts with the rest of the world. This will be the case after the previous step has been completed.


15 Marketing Materials Questions

marketing materias

1. If your work were a color, what color would it be?

2. What form would it take?

3. What size would it be?

4. What kind of texture would it have?

5. What would happen if you pushed it with your finger?

6. What tune would you choose if your work became a hit song?

7. Who would be performing? How loud is it?

9. Whom would your work be if it were a historical figure?

10. What would your organization wear to a party?

11. What would be the typical mood of your work?

12. What type of plant would your work be if it were a plant?

13. What kind of environment would it flourish in?

14. Would your work be tame or wild if it were an animal? How large is it?

15. What type of dish would your job be if it were a dinner? (Is it fast food? What is haute cuisine? Macaroni and cheese?)


What exactly are we trying to accomplish by asking all of these questions? As was mentioned before, responding to questions may reveal aspects of your personality that have an effect on and improve the quality of the work that you create.

You will find pictures and attitudes that you can use to establish the tone for your marketing materials if you reveal these many connections. This will make it easier for your “just right” buyers to distinguish you from other businesses that provide products or services that are comparable to what you offer because they will be able to identify you more easily.


Try this activity; it might be the beginning of something extraordinary. Check out one of my close friends for extra marketing help!