With the onslaught of viral marketing techniques aimed at Internet users, viral marketing led the way and became one of the most favored advertising tactics.

The quantity of people reached by the campaign is the guiding factor behind the success of viral marketing. Various viral marketing tactics may be used to ensure the success of an advertising campaign. Take a peek at what follows:

19 Viral Marketing Techniques

1. Designing viral marketing prizes.

Creating viral marketing awards benefits both firms and consumers by increasing the number of users. Awards in viral marketing encourage additional innovation and the development of more successful marketing tactics.

2. Getting free software out there.

On the Internet, everything valuable and accessible generates an immediate “fan base.” Provide internet consumers with whatever software they need for free – even if only for a brief period – and they will undoubtedly take advantage of it.

When you use free software, you may run it to fit any application, examine the flow of the program to comprehend how it works, make changes, and have the right to share the software for free.

3. Offering a free email account.

This is what Microsoft did when it first launched Hotmail. They include a “teaser” at the end of the complimentary email messages they send out, with a link to sign up for a free and private email account.

The phrase “free” has piqued online users’ curiosity, as has the reality that this is something that online users desperately need. Almost all Microsoft customers quickly signed up for a free Hotmail account. This triggered the viral marketing craze.

4. Offering free webspace.

Personal online logs are all the rage on the Internet.

Currently, firms are fighting fiercely to provide consumers with the lowest cost directory listing and the most space allotments.

This competition will help consumers choose from various website providers and obtain the best rate.

5. Developing a top 100 website.

Online users sometimes want a list of websites related to the issue at hand. Creating a top 100 list is one approach to expanding your consumer base and growing your list.

6. Provide free e-cards. is one firm that offers internet users alternatives for sending electronic greeting cards. Because they are animated and individualized, most consumers take advantage of the offer.

7. Provide free visuals, banners, and layouts.

Like the marketing of regular consumer items, anything that is free and valuable will spark the interest of many individuals. Banners, images, templates, and other materials that internet users may use will be a welcome addition to their list of gifts, instilling the viral marketing fever.

8. Providing free consultations.

Most online users are unsure where to go for advice on web services or other services in various fields.

Free online consultation websites demand you to submit your name, email address, and other relevant information, which can help you increase your subscriber and client base.

9. Providing a specific link directory

Because customers who want this service may be categorized, specialized link directories aid in developing a more targeted clientele. This method produces more accurate findings.

10. Receive a free newsletter with extras.

An internet retailer might use this viral marketing method. Catalogs with free online gift cards will attract a large number of customers.

11. Free redirection service

Redirect services provide new contact information for a website that has switched hosts or servers and redirect visitors to a unique or customized domain name. This is an alternative to the much longer and more complicated URLs provided by most web hosts. If you are interested in starting a new online business or blog check out Bluehost!

12. Screensavers are available for free.

It is impossible to visit the Internet without seeing popup adverts for free screensavers. This is one method of obtaining the user’s email address for a firm to create a stable client base.

Getting internet users to download free screensavers, emoticons, and other downloadables to use on their computers is one of the most efficient viral marketing tactics.

13. Provides a free autoresponder service.

By employing follow-up email messages in marketing, autoresponder services increase your company’s revenues.

14. Email course for free.

You won’t believe how much knowledge you can learn through free email courses. Most free e-book publishers want to share their expertise with other online users, and this is an excellent approach to attract readers to your website.

15. Writing and distributing articles for reprint with a resource box.

When creating articles for free download, be sure to include a resource box.

A resource box is a box on one side of the web page from whence you obtained the content that displays the author’s complete contact information.

16. Using signatures in forums and discussion boards.

Users of discussion boards and forums have similar interests. You may attract many prospective consumers from a specific target market by gathering their signatures on discussion boards.

17. Starting your affiliate program.

This is the best one out of the many ways to drive visitors and purchases to your website. A specific link is given for your affiliates here to send people to your website.

18. Offering a free guestbook.

A guestbook keeps track of all of your internet visitors. You would have a user’s contact information once they visited your website for future marketing and mailing reasons.

19. Providing free online forums.

Online forums contain many users and may be a highly effective viral marketing approach.

By using viral marketing strategies to advertise your goods and services, you will undoubtedly increase traffic to your website, establish a large and loyal client base, increase sales, and contribute to your company’s success.

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