Your goals will determine the kinds of things you work on as a blogger. If you want to establish a blog for pleasure or to use it as an online journal, then there is really just one thing that you need to do in order to get started with a blog:


Start Writing…


However, if you choose to monetize your blog and convert it into a job that you can pursue either part-time or full-time, there are additional responsibilities that you will need to take on. The following are examples of some of these responsibilities:


  • Affiliate Links
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Selling Products


In addition, there are a variety of administrative activities that need to be completed, such as getting your website started, monitoring the analytics of your website, maintaining an up-to-date website, and replying to comments, among other things. In this article I will discuss some blogs that make money, how to make money with a blog, and how to start making money blogging.


Blogs that make money

10 Blogs That Make Money

The ten most common kinds of blogs are: 

  1. Food Blog 
  2. Finance Blog
  3. Fashion Blog
  4. Travel Blog
  5. Lifestyle Blog
  6. Health and Fitness Blog
  7. DIY Blog
  8. Sports Blog
  9. Marketing Blog
  10. Pet Blog

Each of these categories of blogs that make money offers a possibility of monetary gain. It is my goal that the items on this list will motivate you to create a method of producing money with your blog.


Food Blog

Are you a foodie? Then a food blog is right up your alley.


Food blogs are like recipe books—you get to teach readers how to make tasty dishes. And you get to take lovely photos.


So now you might be wondering what a food blogger makes?


What you make all depends on how bloggers make money. The most profitable ways are building your e-mail list, affiliate links, and selling e-books online.


Here is a good example of a food blog called I am a food blog.
Isn’t that ironic! 😂

what is a blogger

Some other types of food blogs you can create are: 


  • Restaurant reviews
  • Homemade recipes
  • Eating and traveling
  • Affordable eating
  • DIY drinks

Finance Blog


Are you an expert with money? Then a financial blog may be an excellent solution for you.


Finance blogs provide useful information to every web user. Everyone, whether a college student, a young adult, or a parent, may benefit from increased financial understanding.


Financial blogs, in one way or another, touch all sorts of individuals, hence there are a limitless number of finance subjects to address. In the long term, this implies you won’t be trapped thinking of fresh blog entries.

Finance blogs are blogs that make money and teach you how to make money with a blog… Below is one of many finance blogs called get rich slowly! 💸

what is a blogger

Furthermore, there are several financial blog niches to pick from. Among these blog niches are:

  • Saving money
  • Early-retirement
  • Passive-income\Side-hustles
  • Investing


This is why finance is one of the most profitable categories of blogging. It is beneficial to everyone, and you have a limitless number of things to address.

Fashion Blog


Have you ever considered launching your own clothing line? Create a fashion blog!


A fashion blog is an excellent way to display your own style via photographs, apparel, and beauty items.


You may be wondering… do fashion blogs generate money?


Certainly! A fashion blog may be monetized in a variety of ways. On Instagram, you may sell things, post affiliate links, and become an influencer. Below is a great example of a fashion blog; Zagu Fashion.

what is a blogger

We recommend combining Instagram with your fashion blog. It’s another option for your audience to see your images. You may be interested in our guide on utilizing Instagram as a blogger.


You may write about the following fashion blog niches:

  • Fashion made by hand
  • Fashion that is affordable
  • Fashion critiques
  • Fashion for a certain occasion (ex. Weddings)
  • Eco-friendly clothing


If you’re ready to get started and have any questions, please leave a comment and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible!

Travel Blog


When they think about traveling, most people picture sights like Paris, Hawaii, or the Bahamas. However, what about the nuts and bolts, such as organizing and allocating funds? Wouldn’t it be great if everything was prepared for you?


If you keep a travel blog, you can. Travel blogs are a fantastic tool for arranging a perfect vacation. Readers learn from them how to organize a trip, where to go, and how to do it affordably.


So, how do you monetize travel blogs?


Affiliate links are often used to make money off a travel blog.


Sometimes, you might provide your own services to the public. Some travelers give their followers travel information and advice on how to make money with a blog while traveling.

A good travel blog example is ytravelblog. It’s a very simple blog about managing your money and enjoying life!


what is a blogger

In addition, you may establish a travel blog even if you don’t travel abroad. If you’re looking for different niches to fill in your travel blog, consider:


Adventures on the open road


Saving money when traveling

How to Balance Work and Travel

Lifestyle Blog


So far, the most profitable blogs have all concentrated on a particular topic. A lifestyle blog, however, is rather unique.


Lifestyle bloggers discuss a wide range of topics, including personal experience, culture, and relationships.


Readers who wish to read something comparable to a magazine will be drawn to a lifestyle blog. They enjoy stories, advice articles, and product suggestions.


Affiliate links are used to monetize blogs like this one. They also get traffic by enabling users to contribute blog entries to their site. Alternatively, you may say that this is a guest post.


This is also referred to as guest posting.


One good example of a lifestyle blog is the quintessence blog!


what is a blogger

If you have a lot of blog ideas, a lifestyle blog may be a fantastic place to start. As you blog, you’ll discover what you enjoy writing about and who your ideal reader is.

Health and Fitness Blog 

Do you wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Then a health and fitness blog could be for you.


A health and fitness blog is wonderful since it appeals to everyone. This blog subject has something for everyone, whether you’re interested in food, exercise, or mental health.


Profitable health and fitness blogs can also include an online course, affiliate connections, and the sale of your own items.


However, because health affects our everyday life, make sure to establish trust with your readers. The last thing anyone wants is incorrect information concerning a health issue.


To engage with your audience, provide instructive material such as videos, podcasts, and email newsletters.

DIY Blog

Do you enjoy making crafts? Why not start a DIY blog?


DIY is a shorthand for “do it yourself.” A DIY blog, for example, advises readers on how to produce crafts, clothing, home décor, and so on.


Many DIY blogs exhibit their items on social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. You could even use YouTube to publish videos of yourself doing your crafts!

One DIY Blog example is the Sawdust Girl.


what is a blogger

Sports Blog


Do you enjoy watching sports or talking about them?


Sports blogs are a great way to interact with your readers and is the easiest way to build an e-mail list.

Marketing Blog 


A marketing blog helps individuals understand and monetize internet marketing to start a business. Many marketing blogs address blogging, email marketing, eCommerce marketing, and SEO.


Info.Guru is an excellent example of how to make money with a blog.


WPBeginner is another excellent example of a marketing blog.

what is a blogger

WPBeginner is the most popular WordPress-related blog. They assist their readers in creating and monetizing WordPress sites for blogging and e-commerce stores.


Marketing blogs are beneficial to anybody looking to generate money online. It’s also a terrific way to establish yourself as an authoritative source.


We recommend focusing on a single niche. This is the most effective technique to increase traffic and start making money from blogging.


Take a look at WPBeginner. They specialize in WordPress and is currently the most popular WordPress resource.

Pet Blog


Unhealthily, we adore our pets. We love our pets and write about them.


A pet owner’s blog may include DIY pet treats, training guidance, and fun pet-related activities. If you have several pets or considerable breed knowledge, a pet blog may be for you.


Can pet blogs make money?


Yes! A pet blog may be monetized by including affiliate links to pet supplies and toys.


Pet blogs are another obvious niche. If you have a cute corgi like me, you can establish a corgi blog.

How To Make Money With A Blog


If you’re searching for a detailed instruction on how to make money with a blog, I suggest reading my post. My other posts explain the fundamentals about blogs that make money. Below are the best ways to start making money blogging. Some examples are…


  1. Affiliate Links
  2. Courses
  3. Advertisements
  4. E-books
  5. Consulting Services
  6. Sponsored Posts
  7. Coaching
  8. Webinars
  9. Giveaways
  10. Social Media

How Bloggers make money


Whether it is a pleasure blog or a commercial site, how bloggers make money is everywhere. You can be on track to making the same amount as the top 1% of sites too.


An excellent way to monetize your site is via affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing may be used directly in your content or via banner advertising. Instead of promoting other people’s products on your site, consider selling digital items.


Blogging may assist you in developing a brand and gaining exposure. You may offer handcrafted items, literature, manufactured goods, and more. Alternatively, you may already have a company and decide to develop blogs that make money and to convert loyal consumers.


Jay Baer, a social media specialist, discusses the notion of Copyblogger. Making money by blogging might be difficult, but it can pay off in the long run if you begin from zero.

what is a blogger

Selling a popular blog’s brand and content may bring four to seven figures, and occasionally much more. Consider what others in your field are doing and begin there.


Try the choices above and check out this article to learn how you might benefit from your blog and who you should contact for assistance.

Making Money Blogging


The best way to start making money blogging is to get started. Depending on how much time you have the earlier you start your blog, the faster you’ll be making money. You could be debt-free and have the life you always wanted in just a couple of months or a couple of years. 


Here are some basic guidelines to follow while setting up your blog:

  • Decide on a name and a niche for your blog.
  • Publish your blog online (web hosting)
  • Use a free WordPress theme to design your blog.
  • Compose your first blog entry.
  • Promote your blog and gain subscribers
  • Generate revenue from your blog


Visit my most comprehensive post for a more in-depth explanation of how to monetize your blog. This one covers the essentials, including what is a blogger, and strategies for how to make money with a blog.

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